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Ložiská,Klinové remene,guferá,kolieska pre vás od Valive ložiská P & M s.r.o.


Klinove remene

We have approx. 3,000 sizes of V and other types of belts in stock. If there is any belt missing in our warehouse it can be made available for you in our shop within 24 hours at no additional cost. Belts of HTD, RDR, ROZ profiles can even be cut from sleeves in our workshop as requested (length- and width-wise). All this for the lowest possible price!

Our company offers belts from the following manufacturers:

  • Optibelt
  • Rubena
  • Gates
  • Contitech
  • Gufero
  • CX
  • SKF
  • Codex
We offer the following belts types:
  • V-belts
  • Multiple belts
  • Agricultural belts
  • Automotive belts
  • Polyurethane belts
  • Variator chain belts
  • Grooved belts
  • Washing machine belts
  • Flat toothed belts
  • Traditional toothed belts
  • Toothed belts HTD – HTD 3M - HTD 5M – HTD 8M – HTD 14M
  • Toothed belts STD – STD 3M - STD 5M – STD 8M – STD 14M
  • Toothed belts MXL – XL – L – H – XH - XXH
  • Toothed belts T2,5 – T5 – T10 – T20 – AT5 – AT10 – AT20
  • Special belts (plastic, footage).
We also supply pulleys for all belt types. As regards toothed belts, toothed pulleys and bars are also supplied. Whatever you require.

V-belt pulleys:
Pulleys with pre-drilled conical bush (tapper lock). The easiest and fastest assembly of locking bush according to shaft diameter.

Pre-drilled V-belt pulleys:

The advantage of pre-drilled V-belt pulleys lies in the fact that their assembly hole is drilled according to the customer’s request.

Valivé ložiská P & M, s.r.o.

We have been active on the Slovak market since 1993 as the first seller of bearings based in Bratislava.


At present we sell bearings and their complements, seals, V-belts, linear guidance systems, industrial sealants, lubricants, gear oils, adhesives... for wholesalers as well as over-the -counter sales according to the customers needs, in the shop or by means of email, telephone or fax orders.

We ensure reliably functioning bearings at minimum purchase costs.


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