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Ložiská,Klinové remene,guferá,kolieska pre vás od Valive ložiská P & M s.r.o.


  • Roller chains for conveyance and industrial purposes
  • Multiple chains
  • Driving chains
  • Chain connecting pieces
  • Links and spare parts
  • For single-row, double-row, triple-row and more-row chains
  • Inner link, Outer link, Link with a key, Link with a cotter pin, Link with slotted nuts and a cotter pin, Broken link with a cotter pin, Broken link with a slotted nut and a cotter pin

Chain types

  • Single-row roller chains
  • Double-row roller chains
  • Triple-row roller chains
  • Roller chains
  • Roller chains with long span and carrier plates
  • Roller chains with elongated pins
  • Accumulation roller chains
  • Roller chains with carrier plates
  • Carriers for roller chains
  • Single-row bush chains
  • Fleyer chains
  • Fleyer chains LL
  • Low-speed bush chains
  • Gallic chains without washers
  • Transport chains
  • Carriers for transport chains
  • Laminated block transport chains

Valivé ložiská P & M, s.r.o.

We have been active on the Slovak market since 1993 as the first seller of bearings based in Bratislava.


At present we sell bearings and their complements, seals, V-belts, linear guidance systems, industrial sealants, lubricants, gear oils, adhesives... for wholesalers as well as over-the -counter sales according to the customers needs, in the shop or by means of email, telephone or fax orders.

We ensure reliably functioning bearings at minimum purchase costs.


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