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Ložiská,Klinové remene,guferá,kolieska pre vás od Valive ložiská P & M s.r.o.

Oils and greases

We are a reliable supplier of hydraulic, compressor, engine and gearbox oils. We supply oils to automotive, motorcycle and other industries.

You can choose from the following brands:
MOL Slovnaft, Shell, Klüber, SKF lubricants AK2 , AK2G, LTA3EP, LTA and other special brands (for wheel hubs, alternators, water displacement or food industry. We have a wide range of the above greases in stock).

Our package sizes range from 125g, 250g, 400g, 500g, 1kg, 8kg, 10kg, 15,9kg, 50kg, 180 kg and are always in stock.

We also offer chemical products by Loctite and KimTec for your everyday needs.

In our broad range of offerings you will find solutions to all possible problems. Our offerings include various joint fillers, silicones, glues and greases, as well as technical prospects and catalogues, available directly in our salesroom to meet your needs.

Valivé ložiská P & M, s.r.o.

We have been active on the Slovak market since 1993 as the first seller of bearings based in Bratislava.


At present we sell bearings and their complements, seals, V-belts, linear guidance systems, industrial sealants, lubricants, gear oils, adhesives... for wholesalers as well as over-the -counter sales according to the customers needs, in the shop or by means of email, telephone or fax orders.

We ensure reliably functioning bearings at minimum purchase costs.


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